White Point

Setting the White Point (Highlight) Target Values

When you set the White Point Target values you are adjusting the images tonal range to match the capabilities of the printer and media combination you are using. You will then select the part of the image you want to be the white point. This will be the area in the image that the first discernable amount of ink is present, and therefore the first tone after paper base white. This process also neutralizes the image based on the area you select as the white point. Because of this, it is critical that the area be neutral to begin with, otherwise the color will shift improperly. For more on selecting White Points, see White Point Parameters.


Layer, New Adjustment Layer, Curves

Curves for White Point

Go Layer, New Adjustment Layer, Curves. Make sure the Mode is set to Normal.


Mode is set to Normal



Curves Dialog Box


This will bring up the Curves Dialog Box.

The Curves Dialog Box graphs Input against Output


On the next page we will look at value readout and the five Tone System Tones in Curves.

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