White Point Parameters

Selecting a White Point

White Point selection is the foundation of digital image color correction. Correct white point selection will accomplish several things. It will set the point at which the first visible ink appears on the paper. It neutralizes the color range, though further color cast correction is usually required. Selecting an appropriate white point is the most important step in color correcting an image. If the area selected is not neutral or is too light or dark, the entire color and tonal range of the image will be adversely affected. For information on applying white point settings to your color correction se the Color Correction section.


Proper White Point Selection

A proper white point must meet three criteria.

  1. It must be neutral or as close to neutral is possible.

  2. The white point must not be a spectral highlight.

  3. It must be the lightest part of the image in which you want a visible amount of ink to appear.