Interpreting White and Black Point Targets



Base Value 255 for White Point Evaluation

Base Values

The base values consist of the maximum white (R255, G255, B255) for white point evaluation or minimum black (R0, G0, B0) values for black point evaluation. The base values allow for comparison with the test value. A visual determination of where separation from the maximum white point or minimum black point can be made by comparing the test value to the base value. The image to the left shows the base value for white point evaluation (255 RGB) shaded in blue. The checkerboard pattern allows for more precise comparison of the values.


Visually Comparing Specific Test Values to the Base Value

To determine where the first ink is discernible in the highlights, visually compare the specific test values to the white point base value—255 RGB. Most ink-jet printers will not produce a discernible white point until about 250 RGB. Again, there are many variables involved in the white point, most importantly, the media used. The image to the left illustrates the comparison of specific test values to the white point base value of 255 RGB.



On the next page we will take a closer look at relative values, and grayscale neutrality.

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