Test Image Target

Tone System Image Target 240.jpg

Test Image Target


Directions for Using this Target

Use this target to verify your assumptions on black and white point settings. This is where Art meets Science!

Set the white point you determined from the White Point Target, using the White Point Eyedropper in Photoshop's Curves Dialog Box by using the white circle in the upper left. Do the same with the Black Point Eyedropper for thethe black point you determined from the Black Point Target point using the black circle in the upper left. See the instructions for setting the white and black point under the Six-Step Color Correction Routine. Record the media/printer/profile information and your presumed white and black point in the space provided on the target for your records.

Print this target with the standard settings you normally use when you print. Make sure you're using the proper printer profile when you print the target.


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